Origin: Cranbrook, Kent

Formed: 2014

Music: 3 EPs; Minor Arcana, 3.0 & Pretty Faceless.

Single: When We Were Young


Kent based Tarot Rats may be surrounded by the beautiful British countryside but they are certainly not quaint. With their unique take on contemporary blues-rock, the Rat's offer an eclectic mix of full-on, over-driven riffs combined with stripped back, soulful acoustic melodies.

Drawing from a spectrum of classic influences including Led Zepp, Sabbath, the Beatles, David Bowie, and many, many more, Tarot Rats modern twist provides a colourful mosaic of musical variety.

Spanning a spectrum of genres from vocal/piano pieces to full-on rats rock, it is hard to pigeon-hole Tarot Rats. One thing is for sure though, their high energy and enthusiasm makes them a real show stopper.

With their third EP released early 2018, the Mischief very much have the future ahead of them.



All about the rock

Tarot Rat's (sic) talent can certainly be heard and felt very nicely; they are definitely worth a listen to and if you get an opportunity, catch them live because I feel that this a band is built for the live stage....

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antihero magazine

I was asked by a few friends to describe them…and I couldn’t. Tarot Rats seem to be one of those bands that, quite simply, defy description.

This becomes even more evident upon listening to this EP. Just when you think you’ve uncovered one influence, another one rears its head. And it’s a rather diverse array of influences as well – both genre and individual artist. 

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